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Expert Carpet Cleaning in Wigan - And More Handy Services Too!

Sit back and relax once you hire the local experts for the carpet cleaning you need in Wigan. Here you'll know that you're always getting high quality work from experienced specialists.

And we offer full professional services for mattresses and upholstered furniture too. So what could be better for your fabric?

How Will Your Carpet Cleaning Services Be Carried Out?

Carpet Cleaning

We use either dry cleaning techniques - usually for natural material types - and hot water extraction cleaning, for artificial ones. Talk to the expert who'll be delivering your service for free advice, and enjoy free stain pre-treatment too.

Upholstery Cleaning

Much like our carpet cleaning services, the upholstery cleaning we deliver in Wigan uses different methods depending on the type of material your furniture is covered in. We're also able to provide high quality leather and suede sofa cleaning.

Mattress Cleaning

Taking less than a quarter of an hour per mattress, this service is used by commercial clients - the operators of hotels and hostels - across the local area, as well as home owners. We use a non-invasive treatment technique which utilises high intensity UV light.

What You Get By Using Us For Fabric Cleaning

  • Specially trained experts deliver all of the work we do, and experienced supervisors quality check all results 
  • Your items are protected by stringent insurance cover while they're in our care 
  • Talk to us about adding Scotchgard protection to your order to ensure that your fabric stays protected for an even longer time in future 
  • We pre-treat stains to make sure there's the highest chance of getting them removed in full 
  • For seriously stained bedding, we also offer steam mattress cleaning in Wigan 
  • Choose from a range of highly effective methods suitable for all natural and artificial weaves of fabric 
  • Count on round-the-clock phone and online support - just call for a free quote or more information 24/7
Areas We Cover in Wigan