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Mattress Cleaning in Manchester That's Fast and Easy

Suitable for any size of bed, get your mattress cleaning in Manchester from us when you want complete convenience - as well as hassle-free speed...

This service is used by home owners and tenants who want to refresh their beds, but also by hotel and hostel owners across the local area. That's because it takes less than fifteen minutes per bed you need it to clean, and the results you get are second to none. Here's why:

Your Bed Cleaning - How It Works

Hot Water Extraction

When we conduct hot water extraction in Manchester it'll usually be for heavily stained or soiled mattresses. The technique works through pressure injecting a heated water and detergent mix deep into your bedding, and then extracting it along with all the dirt and grime. There is some drying time involved in this method, but the deep cleaning effect is an excellent pay-off.

Why Use Our Mattress Cleaning Services?

  • Extensive vetting and training procedures for all staff, and full insurance cover throughout 
  • Every technician is an individual who's conducted bed cleaning in Manchester hundreds of times before 
  • Optional techniques for heavily soiled mattresses 
  • Service takes less than a quarter of an hour per bed 
  • Ideal for any size of bedding you might have - single, double, queen size, king size... 
  • Get a weekend or Bank Holiday appointment for no extra fee 
  • Call 24/7 and secure a free quote and hassle-free booking - we're here to help you now!
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