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The Easy Way to Get Safe and Reliable Carpet Cleaning in Manchester

This is the sort of carpet cleaning Manchester residents and business owners have always needed:

Fast. Affordable. And suitable for any sort of flooring fabric, in any kind of property that you need it. How about a fast deep clean of your office carpeting? Gentle care for the valuable Persian rug in your own home? Or just a swift and efficient clean of the carpets throughout your house in time for your landlord's inspection?

We have the latest equipment - and the specially trained team. You get the convenient appointment - and the full insurance cover.

How We'll Handle Your Rug Cleaning in Manchester

Talk to the experienced adviser you'll be put through to instantly when you call to make your booking, and you'll get some handy advice on the best method for your fabric in particular. If you're in any doubt, your expert technician can perform a pH test on a concealed area before commencing your service.

The first stage of any appointment will always involve the removal of any items of furniture which might otherwise obstruct the cleansing process. Your appointment will be much more efficient if you have the time to move these beforehand, but if you have any heavy items which you can't move alone do mention them when you call to book so we can send the correct number of cleaners to move them.

The next stage will include the pre-treatment of any stained areas, making sure that they're assessed and taken into account as your appointment continues:

Steam Cleaning

We prefer to deliver steam cleaning in Manchester - sometimes known as hot water extraction - when you have heavily soiled or synthetic carpets. This technique pressure-injects a heated water and steam combination deep into the base of your rugs, extracting it all along with any dirt. This results in a powerful deep clean effect - one which will require several hours of drying time. You can reduce this by well ventilating the area, and we also offer optional air mover hire.

Dry Cleaning

Usually selected first for natural fabrics, we also prefer dry cleaning to hot water extraction in Manchester when you want a serious clean but want to avoid having your rugs out of commission for any length of time. This method uses no liquid cleansers or water, and thus there's no drying time or risk of shrinkage.

The exact method used in this process involves the spreading of specially designed chips over the fabric. These bind together with any dirt, making it easy to remove without needing water.

Why Get Your Carpet Cleaning Services Here?

  • Expert staff who will assess your carpeting and then select the best method for a total cleanse 
  • Pre-treatment of stained areas is included automatically in your service 
  • When you entrust your rugs to us as part of you carpet cleaning services, they're always fully insured 
  • Select any convenient time or day for your rug cleaning in Manchester - we're available seven days a week 
  • Multiple delivery options which meet the needs of any fabric type you might have 
  • Customer support facilities staffed around the clock - 24/7 - by friendly and helpful professionals
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